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We help startups realize their amazing ideas with rock solid development.

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Since 2008, Genese Software Co. has been working with startups and established companies to build and ship amazing products.

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Web Application Development

A well planned, iterative development approach will have your application MVP up and running quickly while remaining secure and scalable.

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Mobile Development

We have plenty of experience working directly with native application projects and bring a strong team of both iOS and Android developers with us.

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API Design

We sepcialize in API design and development for small to medium size applications.

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Test Development

Need someone that gets excited about developing a robust set of tests for your application - you're in luck.

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Team Augmentation

We often work with small startups on a weekly basis to bolster their developoment efforts during the ramp up to launch and post launch.

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Together we'll dig in to develop the technical architecture and an actionable roadmap for your application.

Some of our favorite technologies

Good tools are an important part of any job, and while we have experience with many, these are our favorites.

Laravel Vuejs Shopify WooCommerce

Just a few projects we are proud to have been a part of

We've worked with these great companies over the past year to build some amazing products.


Genesee Software Co. co-founded and lead development on the Genlines, a privacy focused family sharing app for both iOS and Android. Along with several contractors we designed and developed an extensive API that runs both native apps.


Jeremy worked directly with the lead developers as Kiko tackling a variety of Laravel and Vue development tasks to include an exhaustive set of automated tests for this healthcare focused application.


We have been working with EventForge for over a year to introduce a new ecommerce component to their already successful event management platform. That project led us to build, from the ground up, a new "Lite" version of the more robust EventForge full platform.


We acquired SmilePostcards from the original developer just over a year ago. It's a drop dead simple way to send a large format photo postcard to show someone you care - big things to come with this one.

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